How do you recognize a trustworthy company?

25 June 2018  |  by Marijn van Trierum

For companies nowadays it is not enough to simply be the cheapest. Consumers want high quality service, a distinctive branding and a social responsible policy. Organisations must bring their A game to satisfy these expectations.

The most important elements that consumers value can be summarised in one concept: trustworthiness. Trustworthiness makes it possible for companies to bind clients to their company for the long term. It creates a sustainable relationship and goes beyond just offering the best price.

The concept of trust is hard to explain, since it is exists of multiple factors. In this blog we define trust and the different elements it contains.

The four elements of trust

Trust is not easy to measure. All utterances and behaviour from a organisation and her employees influence the realisation of it. The establishing of trustworthiness is a process that is focused on long-term conversion. It requires decisiveness and consistency.

By differentiating the different elements that contribute to trustworthiness, it is possible to gather insight in how trust is actually build up.

Consumers find it important that companies and organisations they have to deal with, catch up with their promises. The ability to fulfil their own promises, for example deliver a product on time, can be summarised in the factor ‘performance’ Iit is not necessarily important to be the best or the fastest, but mostly that the client know what (s)he is up to and that their expectations are fulfilled.

What does a client value in a company and how does a company respond to that? When companies shares their customers values, a connection is established. This offers a longterm relationship with the client. A company can create this connection by connecting with the target group. Connections are automatically born when the company and the client are on the same level.

Integrity is now becoming an important theme voor companies. Not only the origin of the products plays a part in judging companies, but also the way employees are treated, and if the company is sustainable and environmentally aware. Integrity should be an importable theme in any companies policy.

Like mentioned before, the creation of a trustworthy company profile is a long term process. Therefore, consistency plays a big part in the realisation of this trustworthiness. Attempts on improving the trustworthiness will have not a long term effect when the attempt is not part of a structural plan. A sustainable result will only be established when every action is though over as a part of the big plan.

What makes trust so important?

Being trustworthy means creating possibilities for sustainable relationships, with either friends, colleagues or companies. Not just for a single transaction, but for years. That is exactly why being trustworthiness is important. Both business and personal relationships will bring you opportunities.