How to recognise forged online reviews

29 November 2018

Forged and fake reviews are becoming a bigger problem. Would you like to know how you can possibly recognise these forged reviews? In this blog post, we cover several characteristics of fake reviews.

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Image and reputation of a company: what's the difference?

2 October 2018

Identity, image and reputation are important concepts in a world of corporate communication. While these are strongly related to one another, they clearly are different as well. Yet we often see these concepts mixed up or used in the wrong context, even by professionals.

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What are the rules regarding online reviews?

7 September 2018

Nowadays, online reviews are a crucial part of the online buying process. Research shows that over 75% of the people who regularly buy products online, firstly read online reviews about a certain product. For them, it is an easy way to make sure the product is as it is promised and will satisfy their expectations.

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How to repair broken trust in your company?

9 August 2018

Any company can have a crisis coming out of unexpected places. The trust customers have in the company will decrease during a crisis. This is what you can do as a company to build the trust back up.

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How important are online reviews?

19 July 2018

More and more companies get to deal with reviews that customers give online. Both positive and negative, but always critical. Even though some are unsolicited, it is important to deal with these reviews the right way.

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How do you recognize a trustworthy company?

25 June 2018

For companies nowadays it is not enough to simply be the cheapest. Consumers want high quality service, a distinctive branding and a social responsible policy. Organisations must bring their A game to satisfy these expectations. The most important elements that consumers value can be summarised in one concept: trustworthiness.

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The future
of digital trust

20 June 2018

Trust is not only the foundation of every good relationship but also the lynchpin of a person or business entity’s reputation. However, it is still subordinate to other concept such as customer friendliness and efficiency. How many organizations reward their employees with trust? Or their clients? It is about time organizations realize that trust is not just a feeling, it is also an act.

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